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2019 Cat Coley

better days...

In my darkest moments, faced with throwing in the towel and admitting total defeat, I decided to try something different (other than continuing to wallow in my pain). The decision to take responsibility for my life was the wake up call I desperately needed. My journey to the life I have now, hasn't been without it's set backs and uncertainties. But as I began to slowly carve out my new path, I learned that I held the key to my own transformation. 

Since those dark times years ago, I've gone to reinvent myself several times over. Each time, learning more and more about my own inner abilities and also becoming a student of my own life lessons. I became obsessed with finding a way out of my obscurity and creating a life that not only I could be proud of, but that my daughter could one day be proud of too. 


I have turned my passion of learning from my failures and utilizing them not as barriers, but as stepping stones into the next (much better) phase of my life. 


As a Mindset + Transformation Life Coach, I truly know deep down and on the surface what you're going through.

  • I know despair

  • I know feeling stuck

  • I know uncertainties 

  • I know regret

  • I know desperation

  • I know hopeless

  • I know fear

  • I know regret

  • I know anguish

  • I know embarrassment

...But I also know the steps to help you turn the tide and provide you with a new solid foundation from which to jump start your life. 

If you're done with being done and you're READY to make a permanent change...I encourage to schedule a FREE 30 minute exploratory call with me to see if we're a good fit for each other! You have NOTHING to lose...and everything to gain!

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